How do I get to droidcon London?

Please check the Venue page for information on how to get to droidcon London

Does the venue accomodate people with special needs or accessibility issues?

INSIDE THE VENUE All reception desks fitted at the venue have DDA compliant registration points available to all wheelchair users. Corridors and gangways are well lit and internal staircases are also supported by handrails. All levels are accessible by passenger lifts, both in the main reception and in the Gallery Hall. Our lifts are complete with low reach buttons with braille; they are also fitted with distress alarms and back mirrors to assist with access and egress of wheelchair users. All conference rooms are either completely set with unfixed seating or have sections where we can accommodate spaces for wheelchair users. MANUAL WHEELCHAIR HIRE A limited number of wheelchairs are available on loan for use within the venue. These can be booked in advance by calling our concierge team (0207 288 6475) so when you arrive at the venue this will be ready for you upon proof of identification. TOILET FACILITIES We have an accessible toilet on each level of the building. They can be accessed by use of a RADAR key (a spare key is kept in reception). The RADAR Key Scheme or National Key Scheme (NKS) offers those who require it, independent access to locked public toilets. If you don’t have a key then please contact our concierge team upon your arrival or by phone: 0207 288 6475. The Ground Floor toilet is located in stairwell B; this is not currently fitted with a Radar Key. On the Mezzanine Level the toilet is also in stairwell B, and on the top floor on the Gallery Level you will find a toilet situated on the opposite side in stairwell F. All toilets are fitted with low reach door handles, and an emergency pull cord alarm. EMERGENCY EVACUATIONS In the unlikely event of a fire or any other emergency, the fire alarms will be activated. Fire alarms are fitted with audible and visual signals to help visitors with hearing impairments. The venue fire marshals will assist visitors to evacuate the building. We have two onsite Evac chairs to assist wheelchair users to reach the ground floor in the event of a fire. There are emergency red phones around the venue at the entrance to every stairwell on each floor for visitors to reach reception during emergencies. If you require additional assistance in the event of an emergency please let us know and we will ensure that we support you in safely leaving the venue with a personal evacuation plan. GUIDE DOGS At the Business Design Centre we welcome guide dogs and we are happy to make provisions to ensure that they are as comfortable on site as their owners. Please contact the project manager for any event taking place or the concierge team in advance to allow us to prepare for your arrival. No other dogs or pets are permitted in the venue. HEARING LOOP Two of our main conference rooms are fitted with induction loops and they can be connected for conference sessions. If you are attending an event please ensure that you contact the organiser of the event to confirm that this has been arranged. If you are organising an event please note that all conference rooms can be fitted with a loop but this will need to be arranged in advance.

Will food and drinks be provided?

Water and coffee will be provided throughout the whole time. Two smaller breaks with snacks in the morning and afternoon as well as lunch will be provided to keep you at strength on each day.
For the general party we will have snacks and several alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for all participants. Of course all free of charge :)

Will sessions be recorded?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and later published on our website at www.droidcon.com.

I want to see two sessions that are running at the same time. What can I do?

You could clone yourself ;) Or be happy, that all sessions will be recorded and later on published on our website www.droidcon.com. You can also book a Group ticket so that your whole team can attend.

Where are the videos from droidcon London 2019?

Videos are available on droidcon.com. They are also available at Skillsmatter.com.

I am living far away but I would like to come, can you help me pay for travel or offer cheaper tickets?

Sadly we cannot help with travel cost but do offer diversity tickets through Flutter London, Codebar and CodeWithTheItalians.

Can you send me a visa invitation letter?

Yes, we can issue a visa invitation letter after you bought a ticket. Please fill this typform with your personal information