Build your empathy to develop more accessible apps

Fanny Demey

Android Developer


The pandemic made me realize one thing : Doctors and nurses help people by curing them. Teacher help children to learn and grow. What about engineer in IT ? Do we really help people ? Sure we build application that are more or less useful. But do we have a real impact on people as doctors and teachers do ?

During this talk I'll share with you how you can have a huge impact on people’s life by building accessible application.

Fanny is a mobile developer. She cares about people and the planet and decided 2 years ago to work exclusively on tech for good project, to use her technical skills to make a better world. She worked on an app aiming to help people with Alzheimer disease, then for MSF ("Doctors without Borders") and also contributed during pandemic to a Red cross project and to the french application "Vite ma dose" aiming to help people get a vaccine shot faster.
She is also involved in the French tech community as she is the main leader of the GDG Lille group and one of the organizer of the French Android user group.