Building a Kotlin multi-platform advanced library

Salomon BRYS


Kodein Koders

Kotlin/Multiplatform is a great tech which allows you to develop your business code once and deploy it to every mobile platform. However, it is lacking something crucial to any viable applicative ecosystem : open source tools and libraries. How can *you* participate in enhancing the ecosystem ?
In this live coding talk, we will see how to create different types of Kotlin Multi-platform libraries that can be used on the various targets Kotlin can compile to.
First, we will see how to configure, compile, test and deploy a simple algorithmic library, and how to use it both in a multiplatform Kotlin project as well as in a standard platform specific project.
Next, we will see how to create a library with a native C dependency for the JVM, Android, Kotlin/Native & iOS, and more specifically to align JVM JNI and Kotlin/Native C-interop.
Finally, we will explore how to use Swift iOS SDKs in conjunction with Kotlin Android SDKs to commonize platform features, such as embedded cryptography.

Deeply rooted in the Open-Source philosophy, Salomon is the founder of the Kodein Koders company and the creator of the Kodein multi-platform framework. His focus has always been on libraries : he is dedicated to making tools and libraries to make programming easier, safer, and more exciting.
He has believed and invested in the Kotlin multi-platform technology from the start : Kodein-DI was the first non-JetBrains multi-platform library.
He's also addicted to board-gaming and a private plane pilot.