Building Accessible Apps with Jetpack Compose

Joe Birch

Senior Engineer


Did you know that 15% of the worlds population experience some form of disability? Yet even with this high number, accessibility is often an after thought for many projects - meaning that many of the things we build end up creating barriers for users who utilise accessibility features. With tools like Jetpack Compose, there is reduced friction in supporting these things in our apps - we just need to have the knowledge of how to implement them.

In this talk we’ll explore common accessibility pitfalls, along with how they can be tackled within Jetpack Compose. You’ll leave with the confidence and knowledge to make your apps more accessible for everyone!

Hi, my names Joe. I’m an Android Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Android, Google Pay and Flutter based in Brighton, UK working on the Android team at Buffer. I’m passionate about coding and love creating robust, polished and exciting projects for mobile, the web, TV, wearables and I’ll probably be toying with whatever the new thing is at the time you’re reading this – I love to be constantly learning. I’m also a keen writer as I love to share my learnings and experiences with others.