Cash App + Gradle: A Journey in Android Developer Productivity

Rooz Mohazzabi & John Rodriguez

Android Developer & Android engineer

Gradle & Cash App

A case study on how Cash App and Gradle have been working together to optimize Cash App builds, find bottlenecks, and improve developer productivity. John Rodriguez from Square and Rooz Mohazzabi from Gradle will share wins and findings from their journey on...

* How Cash App does builds
* Biggest wins and findings debugging Cash App local and CI builds
* Best performance practices for builds at scale
* Optimizing for your expensive build tasks, i.e., assemble, lint, etc
* Tracking down bottlenecks in 3rd-party plugins
* Speeding up local builds with the remote build cache during pandemic

Rooz has been a part of the Gradle customer support team helping large Android apps with their shipping-software-at-scale challenges. Rooz is also the one of the co-organizers of the San Francisco Android GDG, Gradle Summit, and the host of DevProdEng (DPE) Showdown.

John is an Android engineer on Cash App where he helps build banking features. Previously, he worked on the Square Point-of-Sale and Developer SDK teams. He is the lead maintainer for Paparazzi and has contributed to LeakCanary, Picasso and Wire.