Formalise your Pull Request etiquette with Danger Kotlin

Gianluca Zuddas & Franco Meloni

Senior Android Developer & Senior iOS Developer & @AmericanExpress

What if your team could define a set of custom rules for your pull-requests and warn the author, make it fail , or add more informations? and what if your team could write these rules in Kotlin?

Give power to your team by codifying these norms, let Danger automatically pre-review your pull-request and let devs focus on real problems rather than always say: You forgot to...

Senior Android Developer, Kotlin enthusiast and Tech Ambassador at comparethemarket with over 9 years of experience with Android since Donut!
Currently working at the Meerkat App and opensourcing at the Danger Organisation where is one of the core maintainers of Danger-Kotlin.

Software engineer, Currently working on the American Express' iOS App.
Mainly an iOS Developer, but a lover of Kotlin too.
Quite active in the Open Source community, and one of the top contributors of the Danger organisation, where is one of the core maintainers of Danger-Swift and Danger-Kotlin.
He also contributed to a lot of other open source projects such as:
Moya, Danger-js, swift-snapshot-testing, octokit.swift.