Implementing config-driven experiments that don’t require a release

Marco Bellinaso & Ed George

Principal Architect & Senior Android Developer

At ASOS there’s an ever increasing demand to run experiments at scale in our native apps (the Android app alone has 10M+ installs). Tired of having to manually implement and release each experiment individually, and then having to wait for enough people to get it, we built a custom “Url Injection Framework” which makes it possible to implement configuration-driven experiments that can modify any API call or network request without requiring app changes and releases.

8 years at ASOS, contributing to the iOS and Android apps that grew from almost nothing to 15M+ MAU. Previously worked for 15 years on consulting and startups. Also interested in Flutter, React, .NET, Azure, Unity.

Ed George is an Android Developer originally from Oxford, UK and currently residing within Shropshire, UK.

An Android developer for 8 years; Ed now works for ASOS as a Senior Developer having previously worked on well known applications such as National Trust, My Oxfam, Snoop, Carling Tap and many more.

In his spare time, Ed can be found tweeting and posting pictures of his dog.