Migrating a large-scale banking app to Compose

Fatih Giriş

Android Lead


The Android community adopts Jetpack Compose more and more each day. But what about our existing apps? Adopting existing apps to Jetpack Compose might be an overwhelming task when the migration is not planned well.

In this talk, we will see the Compose migration strategy used in DNB. We will briefly talk about the interoperability APIs and how they are used in this migration process. We will also talk about how we are adopting our internal design system to Jetpack Compose. Finally, we will discuss the challenges we faced during this migration.

Fatih has studied Computer Engineering in his bachelor's degree. He got his master's degree in "Natural Language Processing" and he was a research assistant for 2 years. After that, he started working as a freelance mobile developer for 2 years. He joined DNB Bank as a Senior Android Developer and now he is an Android Lead in DNB Bank for Norway's top used finance app "Mobilbank" and the savings app "Spare".