Remote work, is it life changing or just a bad idea?

Antoine Danois

Android Developer


We will all remember the previous months, the world was in a particular state, and we all had to adapt for that period of time.

This is when, most of us, moved to remote working.

I want to share some feedback about my experience with working remote, sending tips & tricks that I’ve learned along the way, and sharing the experience with you all. I will talk to you about my journey from being scared, to feel confident working from my home. I will explain step by step, everything that I’ve done to improve the situation, from struggle to happiness.

At the end of the session, I’d like also, for the people voluntarily to share some stories and feedbacks with everyone about how they have dealt with the work changes this past year!

Antoine is an Android Developer at Citymapper based in London. Before that, he worked at Canal+ in Paris. When he's not working to help people catch their buses in big cities, he's watching videos of rockets and space related things, also his desk is named "Legoland" by his colleagues. Part of the Droidcon London Program Committee, and organiser for GDG London, he's doing his best to have amazing conferences in London, because the community is really important in the world of Android. And otherwise, he's just eating cheese.