Supercharge Flutter Declarative UI with code generation

Emanuele Papa

Senior Android Developer

Declarative UI is the current trend in UI development and it's here to stay.

It can sometimes become cumbersome to read because of its length, so it would be better to minimize it. You could also end up using bad practices if you don't set up your Design System correctly.

Code generation of your widgets could be a way to save some code and improve its readability.

In this talk, you'll see how to create a Flutter code generator and how it can improve your productivity. We'll be digging inside Paddinger, a code generation library that helps you create Padding widgets based on your Design System, seeing how it achieves its purpose and how the generated code is being tested.

Emanuele has been an Android developer and enthusiast since 2010. He has developed several apps through these years and always loved to share what he learned. He nowadays develops Android apps, but also explores cross-platform frameworks like Flutter to expand his horizons. Look online for his blog posts to see what he's currently working on