This is not about coding anymore

Marcos Holgado

Senior Android Developer


We live in a world dominated by computers and mobile phones. Everywhere you look there is a software system behind. We are the developers who build these systems and applications but, are we taking into account the consequences of what we build?

In this talk we will have a look at some of the problems our profession is facing and what we can do about them. We will cover topics such as privacy, ethics, accessibility, the environment and how can we improve the Android community. There is a long way ahead of us and we need you! Now is the time to make important decisions! The time for just coding is over!

Marcos is a Senior Android developer at DuckDuckGo and has been working with Android since 2010. At DuckDuckGo he focuses on raising the standard of trust online. When he is not coding he is flying a Cessna 172 across the UK.